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Welcome - to a lifestyle like no other Nobell is the next  level in a luxurious Condominium management  evolution

Our vision is to enter the most prestigious  residential  buildings and transform  them into the Nobell  state with services and amenities like a luxury five-star hotel. Ten years ago the high-end amenities  evolution started, where every  respectable luxury tower should have a pool, a reception and a gym. This have reshaped luxury residential  towers ever since. Nobell is the next level in this evolution. Our objective is to be recognised as the an international company that manages and services the world’s most elite residential towers wherever we decide to go.

Walking in the foot prints of british luxury heritage and nobility

British by birth, global by nature, a visionary new lifestyle company. Hospitality is our passion, care is our craft. As the most renowned British brands of luxury approach the creation of their
products, we work tirelessly to craft the ultimate residential living experience. Most of the Nobell professionals spent years of studying and training at the world’s most renowned
and luxurious hotels. So we do understand the hugely diverse needs of an elitist market, where the lavish attention to all details has become a way of life.

Bespoke and quality service

The secret behind Nobell’s impeccable service lies in the incredible individuals who work tirelessly around the clock to make residents lives easier and more joyful. Creative, multilingual,
multi-cultural and multi-talented, our teams are dynamic and passionate about what they do. Once you become a member, your Lifestyle Manager will set out to understand
your unique motivations and will work seamlessly with our extensive team of specialists to ensure that every service is tailored to your needs and is of the highest quality.

Discover the spirit of nobell …the art of care

Imagine if the same level of skill that drives a sculptor's chisel was used to shape the way we service our customers. Our brand statement: «The World’s Finest Residential Management» describes
in exact way our commitment to do precisely the same. In our conception of an ideal world, a perfect luxury-living environment does exist, and we focus on maintaining it in this state. Nobell is
highly contemporary and utterly dedicated to maintaining the best that life has to offer, in all it’s most prestigious incarnations. We believe that Nobell’s service is exceptional.

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Portonovi kumbor 85340 herceg novi montenegro

Sales office +382 31 355 375

For media enquiries, please email [email protected]


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