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Introducing ‘Nobell Partners Platform®’

Nobell has come up with a revolutionary system of its own — the Nobell Partners Platform® (NPP), making it clear that Nobell is more than just a brand but rather a philosophy of an authentic luxury lifestyle. At the very heart of this philosophy is our deepest conviction that every Nobell Resident deserves the best the world has to offer.

NPP Mission

To Provide a collection of unique residential experiences, bringing excellence into every aspect of residents’ lifestyle by means of collaboration with world-renowned luxury lifestyle brands.

NPP is our channel to provide Nobell residents with unparalleled access to the best the world has to offer, right on their doorstep. The main idea behind NPP concept is to combine top luxury products and services into one consolidated revolutionary concept presented to residents as their primary lifestyle choice. Every detail and service is carefully and specifically tailored to the resident’s needs, from personalised bedding and linens, relaxing and invigorating bath products, the finest tableware, to personal dining and spa experiences delivered by internationally renowned professionals. These experiences are designed and are incorporated into a fully integrated lifestyle surrounding, created through our collection of leading international luxury furniture and home design houses.

We have designed the Nobell Partners Platform to be highly beneficial for all parties involved; Partners, Developers and Residents alike.
  • Luxury brands NPP members get direct access to their target audience, which not one of their competitors does not have
  • Developers increase the attractiveness of projects by offering their customers an innovativeproduct that has no analogues in the market
  • Residential owners enjoy quality new living conditions and exclusive personalized products
NPP Vision

To re-define the luxury living process delivering the highest standard of personalisation, helping like-minded individuals live better through seamless service and original design at every touch point of their residency, creating an unrivalled residential experience.

Dear Partner,

We hope that you recognise the potential opportunity through our possible partnership and you will consider the option of joining together with Nobell in delivering and communicating the Finest Residential Lifestyle experience across the globe. In order to explain our intentions in greater detail and understand your company approach and potential resources better, please contact us.

Emiliano Sciacca

Partners platform director

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Portonovi kumbor 85340 herceg novi montenegro

Sales office +382 31 355 375

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