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Graceful living

Return each day to a warm, beautifully made bed complete with freshly cleaned and exquisitely ironed linen. Enjoy the welcoming feel of a luxurious
home environment prepared with love and care, where every detail has been attended to in order to achieve absolute perfection.
The feeling of entering your crisp and clean residence will make you want to come back again and again.

The invisible hands

The invisible hands that keeps your home shining new every day. Beautifully arranged blankets on couch, the white papers
on work-desk. Each item has its own place and the order is kept meticulously, like a sculptors, day after day we recreate
it, along the side with total cleanliness of your home, turning them into an integral part of your life.

The bathroom experience you have always dreamt about

The bathroom is your private secret palace and should be treated accordingly. Twice a day, during morning and evening service we
will revive your bathroom space in order to welcome you back each time with new fresh towels, pressed bathrobes,
shiningly clean surfaces and aromatic smells of magically flickering candles.

Your gateway to sweet dreams

When the city lights are fading and day change to night, our mades prepare your living space in order to assure a perfect nights sleep.
With the utmost attention to detail, we initiate minor changes: curtains are drawn, duvets rearranged, complimentary night time
sweets on your pillow, slippers on a carpet beside the bed, and additionally a total refreshing of all residence zones.

Giving new life to your clothes through wardrobe management

Our professional wardrobe managers will keep your clothes like new for a long time and will preserve them long term. All you
need to do is place your items in the designated laundry basket and we'll take care of the rest. If that sounds like
too much of a chore, then simply activate our VIP wardrobe program.

The final touch that personalise your residence

Nobell floristry team will consistently surprise you with new colours and scents, especially selected for your residence style. Our professional
florists craft each bouquet by hand, decorating your home as if the flowers were picked in your own gorgeous private garden.
We select a new range of flowers for each season or anniversary using the highest quality flowers only.

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Portonovi kumbor 85340 herceg novi montenegro

Sales office +382 31 355 375

For media enquiries, please email [email protected]


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