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Gourmet moments

The question if I only had my favourite burrata or my delicious pastrami in refrigerator is no longer actual, it will always be there.
Knowing your personal taste preferences, Nobell grocery management team will renew your fruit and vegetable baskets
with the freshest market propositions and fill your refrigerator with all the products from your shopping list.

Quality control - is not a stamp, but true dedication to nobell standards

Our team constantly tries and tests hundreds of prospective suppliers in order to guarantee outstanding quality. All delivered products
are only from carefully chosen suppliers with a consistent track record of the finest quality available on the market. This serves as
Nobell’s quality guarantee towards you, our valued client before the products arrive at your table.

Daily restocking of essentials as a part of ultimate grocery management

While entering your executive hotel suite, have you ever asked yourself if there is a coca-cola or beer inside the minibar … Of course no, it’s always
there. This is much equal to the idea behind the Nobell grocery management. All the products from you individual essential items list will be
restocked on a daily basis. In case you want to have extra supply, just call us and it will be delivered to your residence.

«fresh and organic» is the new luxury of the food market

Nobell farmers market service makes your life much more healthy and delicious, saving you time and money along the way. The freshest
berries or tomatoes directly from the fruit and vegetable farms, organic milk from free grazing cows, veal or young lamb meat from
selected local farmers, fresh line caught sturgeon, now all that will be a permanent part of your daily diet.

Fresh & organic

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Portonovi kumbor 85340 herceg novi montenegro

Sales office +382 31 355 375

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