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Welcome to a world of sensory rituals

Relax, unwind, revitalise and plunge into a world of new sensations. The pampering of a spa is now available in your own residence.
Treat yourself to an invigorating massage or choose from a full range of relaxing and nourishing face and body treatments,
as well as cosmetic procedures masterfully handled by our highly professional and complaisant masters.

True home pampering

Award yourself with a foot massage after a long day or transfer yourself back to that tropic island by ordering a full body massage accompanied
by original sounds and scents, all that in the comfort of your own private residence. Throughout your Membership our specialists will be
devoted to your contentment and their goal will be to get to know what you want without you having to say it.

Share true moments of joy with the one you love

Love - suddenly you want to share all the joyful experiences in your life with someone special, and in the process you transform
those exact experiences to much more sensual and enjoyable ones. Rest assured, that the couple massage
performed by Nobell masters, will bring new sensual moments in to your relation.

Home pampering from nail masters

Watch your favourite tv show while enjoying the careful treatment of Nobell professional manicure and pedicure specialist
in the comfort of that beloved armchair of yours. All you need to do is to press the spa button on your
iPhone and chose the most convenient time for your treatment.

Contact us

Portonovi kumbor 85340 herceg novi montenegro

Sales office +382 31 355 375

For media enquiries, please email [email protected]


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