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Dear Colleague / Partner,

Allow us to take a few moments of your time to present a completely different approach to Luxury Residential Management and how it could open new doors of opportunity for your or your company.

Nobell Group Concept

Today, high-net worth buyers expect five star hotel services they experience in their travels to exist in their homes too and property developers are clamouring to partner with upscale hotel brands to deliver them. Nobell Group is providing the ultimate alternative solution for both parties and is the first residential operator to deliver a fully integrated five star condominium experience to both new and occupied projects.

Nobell Group Vision

To be the premier purveyor of personalised five star residential services, associated luxury products, amenities and facilities management, setting the ultimate benchmark for leading real estate projects around the world.

  • Premier - recognised industry and market leadership, delivered with world-class customer service expertise
  • Purveyor - accountability in the eyes of the consumer regardless of whether the creation and delivery of products and services is owned, managed or outsourced
  • Personalised – residents can modify elements of lifestyle to reflect their personal needs and desires, with the possibility of changing the elements of any service, as well as the list of services provided
  • Five star residential services – high value hotel-type services are adapted to the needs of residents, which differ from the needs of hotel guests
  • Associated products - A wide range of lifestyle products and services provided by well known luxury brands participants of the NPP * affiliate program. Products and service elements work in harmony to communicate a sense of exclusivity
  • Luxury - A well defined market niche whereby the highest quality products and services are sought by discriminating individuals to fulfil their needs and desires
  • Amenities management - providing high-quality service functionality of all structures and amenities of a residential complex (reception, spa facilities, lounge areas, restaurants and others) through creating exclusive concepts in partnership with leading world leaders in the field of interior design, gastronomy, spa services and other areas in the Luxury segment Lifestyle
  • Facilities management - Ensuring functionality, comfort, safety and efficiency of the built environment by integrating people, place, process and technology through management of the common public and technical areas
  • Leading real estate - Well-constructed, finely appointed, private and permanent residential real estate projects located in the most sought-after urban locations and developed by the key players in the luxury residential market
  • Around the world - catering to a multi-national customer base across major global markets

“Nobell isn’t just a brand, it’s a philosophy”

«British by birth, global by nature, Nobell is a visionary new lifestyle brand enhancing the way people live, love and play through unique lifestyle design. In the pursuit of building happier communities, our Nobell service philosophy was born.

Just as the most renowned British luxury brands approach the creation of their products, we also work tirelessly to craft the finest residential experience. We aim to totally re-define the concept of premium residential living by adding new innovative elements to the existing formula, from superb amenities to exclusive hospitality services, where each component is meticulously planned and executed to create the ultimate expression of luxury and comfort.

Nobell lifestyle draws from the unrivalled international expertise of our executive team to create residential management solutions with a depth of luxury knowledge and service delivery unlike anything in the market. All of the Nobell executives have spent years of studying and training at the world’s most renowned and luxurious hotels. Therefore, we truly understand the hugely diverse needs of the luxury market, where lavish attention to details has become a way of life.

Nobell Group combines a range of truly exceptional brands, where each compliment the other by creating products and services that embody a unique savoir-faire, a carefully preserved classic hospitality heritage and a dynamic engagement with modernity. These creations make our brands true ambassadors of a uniquely refined art of living.»

Nobell Group Mission

To meet the dynamically changing needs of sophisticated luxury consumers and to provide innovative solutions for new challenges faced by real estate developers, luxury lifestyle service providers and products manufacturers in an effort to meet those needs.

How Nobell Group is going to accomplish a given mission - with the help of a product revolutionary in its range of services, which has no analogues on the market and includes:

List of services:
Pre-Opening Management
  • Branding
  • Design, decor and furnishing of residences
  • Sales and marketing using the concept of Nobell Lifestyle Showroom

Hospitality Management
  • Serviced residences management
  • Food and beverage concepts and operation management
  • Spa concepts and operation management
  • Hotel concepts and operations management

Property & Facilities Management Services
  • Management of the common public and technical areas
  • Fit-out management
  • A la carte services
  • Residential sales and leasing
  • Owner relations management

Introducing ‘Nobell Partners Platform®’

Nobell has come up with a revolutionary system of its own — the Nobell Partners Platform® (NPP), making it clear that Nobell is more than just a brand but rather a philosophy of an authentic luxury lifestyle. At the very heart of this philosophy is our deepest conviction that every Nobell Resident deserves the best the world has to offer.

NPP Mission

To Provide a collection of unique residential experiences, bringing excellence into every aspect of residents’ lifestyle by means of collaboration with world-renowned luxury lifestyle brands.

NPP is our channel to provide Nobell residents with unparalleled access to the best the world has to offer, right on their doorstep. The main idea behind NPP concept is to combine top luxury products and services into one consolidated revolutionary concept presented to residents as their primary lifestyle choice. Every detail and service is carefully and specifically tailored to the resident’s needs, from personalised bedding and linens, relaxing and invigorating bath products, the finest tableware, to personal dining and spa experiences delivered by internationally renowned professionals. These experiences are designed and are incorporated into a fully integrated lifestyle surrounding, created through our collection of leading international luxury furniture and home design houses.

NPP Vision

To re-define the luxury living process delivering the highest standard of personalisation, helping like-minded individuals live better through seamless service and original design at every touch point of their residency, creating an unrivalled residential experience.

We have designed the Nobell Partners Platform to be highly beneficial for all parties involved; Partners, Developers and Residents alike

  • Luxury brands NPP members get direct access to their target audience, which not one of their competitors does not have
  • Developers increase the attractiveness of projects by offering their customers an innovativeproduct that has no analogues in the market
  • Residential owners enjoy quality new living conditions and exclusive personalized products

In concluding this information about Nobell, we would like to share our vision for the brand expansion, with our intention to grow worldwide. Within 3 years, we expect to achieve our London, Moscow and Miami initial targets and to expand further into New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Tel-Aviv, Dubai, Kiev, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and other markets where Luxury Lifestyle residential living is in high demand.

Kind regards,

Oliver Eller,

Chief executive officer

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