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Nobell vision: To be the premier purveyor of personalised residential services, associated luxury products, amenities and facilities management, setting the ultimate benchmark for leading  luxury  real  estate  projects  around  the  world.

Founded on the principles of delivering the highest levels of service, personalisation, exclusivity and sense of place, Nobell provides residents with finely designed luxury residences, supported by consistent service excellence and high quality amenities. The creation of this leading edge concept provides an opportunity for Nobell to expand it’s brand presence worldwide, delivering memorable residential experiences to luxury real estate projects in the most sought-after addresses, worthy of the Nobell Brand  Statement - “The world’s  finest  residential  management”.


British by birth, global by nature, Nobell Group is a visionary new lifestyle company enhancing the way people live, love and play through unique lifestyle design.
As the most renowned British luxury brands approach the creation of their products, we too work tirelessly to craft the ultimate residential
living experience. In the pursuit of building happier communities, our brand philosophy was born and nurtured.


Nobell lifestyle draws from the unrivalled international expertise of our teams to create residential management solutions, with a depth of luxury knowledge and service delivery
unlike anything in the market. All of our executives have spent years of studying and training at the world’s most renowned five star hotels, so we truly understand the
hugely diverse needs of the luxury market. Creative, multi-cultural and multi-talented, our teams are dynamic and passionate about what they do.

Nobell mission: To create the finest residential experience through the combination of Nobell “Cornerstone” ideals; classic service heritage, innovative residential management solutions and a collection of associated leisure products and amenities, provided by world-renowned luxury partner brands.

Imagine if the same level of skill that drives a sculptor's chisel was used to shape the way we provide service to our customers. Our brand statement: “The world’s finest residential management” describes exactly our commitment to provide precisely the same. In our concept of an ideal world, a perfect luxury-living environment does exist and we focus on maintaining it in this state. Nobell is highly contemporary and utterly dedicated to enhancing the best that life has to offer in all it’s prestigious variations. We are proud to introduce a revolutionary 360 degree product that consolidates branding, design, marketing, management and operation of private residences, providing an exceptional depth of  luxury  residential  living  experience.

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