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Nobell promises to guarantee consistent and exceptional experiences at all times throughout your residency. At the heart of customer loyalty lies a very simple premise: customer satisfaction. A happy customer is a returning customer across months, years, decades and even generations. This is especially true when the promise from a brand like Nobell is fulfilled without compromise. Please find below our Service Promise:

Nobell is committed to delivering an exceptional service experience, ensuring your contact with our teams at all times is;


Our hospitality team will be available ‘around-the-clock,’ providing a range of services through the Nobell mobile application chat or via the telephone, providing you with instant access to knowledgeable, expertly trained staff, committed to delivering excellent service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our team members will offer services in several languages, with all services provided in the local language, in addition to English as the second language.


We will be honest, courteous, friendly and professional at all times to our residents and their guests, without exception. Our highest reward is gained from a deep sense of fulfilment that comes from demonstrating our team talents in the service of our residents; delivered in exceptional ways which our dedicated team have shaped and created, to truly enhance and personalise the harmony and wellbeing of our residents within their living space.


We will provide regular request updates for all services that you choose. As previously agreed with you, all requests will be completed within a suitable timeframe. We will stay in regular communication with you at all times during the request or service process and keep you apprised of any potential changes. We will check back with you only to ensure that we have completed our work to your satisfaction.


Our operator teams will be fully trained, experienced and will ask relevant and detailed questions at the point of initial discussion, according to the nature of your request. We will use the most convenient contact method as preferred by you, (select from Nobell mobile application chat, telephone or email) and as dictated by request-type (e.g., last minute, urgent, emergency).


We will evaluate your wants and needs and will provide lifestyle recommendations, based on your personal preferences and interests. We will be a source of diverse information; from suggesting luxury, unique and/or ‘Hidden gems,’ to providing an extensive range of relevant and suitable residential lifestyle options. We will provide a detailed confirmation and reminders of requested booking arrangements, upon completion of all requests.


We will manage and fulfil your requests with the utmost sensitivity, discretion and confidentiality, as well as observing cultural considerations and awareness, at all times. We will ensure your personal data is safely recorded and encrypted in a secure company CRM database and all data is handled with care and discretion at all times. Our methods of contact with you will be carefully managed and controlled, to ensure total privacy.

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Portonovi kumbor 85340 herceg novi montenegro

Sales office +382 31 355 375

For media enquiries, please email enquiries@portonovi.com


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